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Products Special Hi-Bond Cement (Portland Slag Cement)

Eco Cement, Special Hi-Bond Cement (Portland Slag Cement)Hi-bond cement has started producing psc cement confirming to bis 455-1989 under the brand name of special hi-bond cement. The product is in fact comparable to opc 53 grade in terms of strength, now a days to make structures more durable and hostile environment resistant. Special hi-bond cement has ggbfs (graund granulated blast furness slag) upto 40% of the cement, this slag has got more than 90% fine and uniform size of glass contains which gives protection to the structure from adverse impact of sulphate, chlorides and acid, in state of gujarat there are no of projects which use only slag cement, the special application of this product is in all projects such as, ports, canals, high rise buildings, mass concreting, etc.

Special hi-bond cement is the most ideal cement following applications
  • General rcc work in all kind of construction.
  • All construction in coastal area.
  • Sub-soil construction and structures in hostile environments with high salinity, moisture and harmful chemical agents.
  • Mass pcc works.
  • Effluent and sewage treatment plants.
  • Asbestos cement plants and precast plants.
  • Culverts and drains.
  • Waterproofing works.
  • Grouts & mortar
  • All types of plaster, masonry and file fixing works
  • Underground concrete work like foundations, aqueducts
  • Canals and flyovers.
  • Mass concreting work like dams, canals, spillways
Test Result of Hi-Bond Special Cement Confirming BIS 455-1989
Sr Particulars   BIS
HI-Bond Cement
1 Chemical Test      
  Total Loss on Ignition (%) Max. 5.0 1.20
  Insoluble Residue (& by mass) Max. 4.0 0.96
  Total Sulphur content as sulphuric anhydride (SO3), by mass Max. 3.0 1.96
  Mangesia (% by mass) Max. 10.0 3.54
  Sulphide sulphur (S) Max. 1.5 0.032
  Chlorides (% by mass) Max. 0.1 0.03
2 Physical Test      
  Fineness - Blaine (m2/kg) Min. 225 352
3 Setting Time (Minutes)      
  Initial Min. 30 110
  Final   600 175
4 Soundness      
  Le-Chatelie Expansion (in mm) Max. 10 1
  Autoclve Expansion (%) Max. 0.80% 0.06
5 Compressive Strength (MPa)      
  72± 1hr.(3 days) Min. 16 26
  168± 2 hrs. (7 days) Min. 22 37
  672± 4 hrs. (28 days) Min. 33 55

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